👋 Hi there, it’s the homepage of Soxoj

❓ Who am I

I am an OSINT enthusiast with a background in cybersecurity and software development. 🔐

⚒️ I started getting into open-source intelligence in 2015 by playing CTFs and ARGs and making information-gathering and processing tools.

🎙️ Since 2018 I’ve been talking about OSINT, search methods, and privacy at public events. I was a speaker at large international conferences: leHACK, Osintomatico and ISS WORLD Europe / Middle East. Also, I prepared and conducted two training courses about open-source intelligence for cybersec students and private investigators. You can look at some of my talks in this YouTube playlist.

🎥 In 2020 I founded the OSINT mindset community (first post, first meetup). The community has more than 20K subscribers, 4K members of Investigation Forum, and dozens of active members and speakers in 3 countries and 5 cities. You can watch records of meetup talks on YouTube, listen to OSINT mindset podcasts on various platforms, and read the excellent wiki on Gitbook.

💼 Experience

🕵🏽 Currently, I am head of the OSINT Center of Excellence in Social Links. Guys from my department conduct investigations, teach OSINT and help to develop new methods and tools.

⚒️ I have experience in cybersecurity (antibot/anti-fraud protection, pentest), software development (mostly Python, also Go, Lua), building of development processes (Scrum, Kanban), and people management.

✍️ You can find my articles, guides, and just thoughts on Substack, Medium (old), in Twitter, the Telegram channels Soxoj insides and OSINT mindset (old posts), and, of course, in GitHub list of my guides and collections.

🚧 Some projects

✉️ Contacts and support

If you want to support me, donate for coffee! I get hyperactive and make new tools 🏃🏽‍♂️

The fastest ways to contact me: DM in Telegram or mail to [email protected].

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